A newsletter, a grading, and a tournament

Kyoshi Seán visiting a Parisian dojo

It’s spring and our latest (winter) newsletter is just out, chronicling our past year. You can find it on our Facebook site or on this website under the Latest News tab. Thanks to Vivienne for putting all the bits together, and to those who sent in the bits!

Our favourite French karateka features in the newsletter and above is a photo of Kyoshi Seán visiting Clem’s dojo in Paris during a recent trip to Europe. While Kyoshi had a epic bike ride in the heat of summer through the streets of Paris to reach the dojo, Clem was steadfastly training through the depths of a Dunedin Winter.

Clement’s fellow karateka in Paris send him a cheery wave – Ecole Karate Shotokan Paris 11


A reminder to all that there is a 1st kyu grading on Monday 8 October in place of the usual Black Belt class (5.30pm start). All grades are encouraged to come along and support Riley – especially green, brown and black belts. All other grades and visitors are also welcome to come along and support Riley in his efforts.

Only a couple of weeks now until a van load from Dunedin heads up to Shibu’s Seido tournament in Christchurch. Enjoy the experience – and bring home some…photos for the next newsletter! 

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