About Seido Karate

Seido Karate Dunedin is part of the Worldwide Seido Karate Organisation founded in 1976 by Tadashi Nakamura. Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura was one of Mas Oyama’s star pupils and Seido traces its karate lineage through Oyama’s Kyokushin style to Funakoshi’s Shotokan, as well as Miyagi’s Gojuryu and beyond, to karate’s roots in Okinawa. These influences are evident in our kata and in our traditional approach to etiquette and protocol. Seido headquarters are in New York.

Seido means ‘the way of sincerity’, and this indicates the philosophical approach that we follow. Karate is not just about punches, kicks and blocks. It is also about developing personal character. In practicing Seido Karate we strive to become the best people that we can be, learning to overcome our physical and spiritual limitations to do all things with the deepest sincerity.

Born in Japan in 1942 Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura started karate at an early age and rose to become the worldwide Chief Instructor for Kyokushinkai Kaikan Karate. Disillusioned with the way Karate was heading and its emphasis on competitiveness, Kaicho formed Seido Karate in 1976 based on the principles of LOVE, RESPECT and OBEDIENCE.

Kaicho wanted to return karate to its original root values – that is that everybody, men, women and children from all walks of life should be able to safely practise this beautiful martial art. A 9th degree black belt, Kaicho’s ideals, beliefs and philosophy of living have given strength and inspiration to thousands of students around the world. Kaicho, with his son – Nidaime Akira Nakamura, Vice Chairman of World Seido Karate – teach and practise Karate daily at the Seido Honbu (headquarters) in Manhattan, New York.