A newsletter, a grading, and a tournament

Kyoshi Seán visiting a Parisian dojo

It’s spring and our latest (winter) newsletter is just out, chronicling our past year. You can find it on our Facebook site or on this website under the Latest News tab. Thanks to Vivienne for putting all the bits together, and to those who sent in the bits!

Our favourite French karateka features in the newsletter and above is a photo of Kyoshi Seán visiting Clem’s dojo in Paris during a recent trip to Europe. While Kyoshi had a epic bike ride in the heat of summer through the streets of Paris to reach the dojo, Clem was steadfastly training through the depths of a Dunedin Winter.

Clement’s fellow karateka in Paris send him a cheery wave – Ecole Karate Shotokan Paris 11


A reminder to all that there is a 1st kyu grading on Monday 8 October in place of the usual Black Belt class (5.30pm start). All grades are encouraged to come along and support Riley – especially green, brown and black belts. All other grades and visitors are also welcome to come along and support Riley in his efforts.

Only a couple of weeks now until a van load from Dunedin heads up to Shibu’s Seido tournament in Christchurch. Enjoy the experience – and bring home some…photos for the next newsletter! 

A temporary change to where we train!

As of July 2018 Seido Dunedin Karate is training in a different room at King Edward Court while a new roof is being put on the building that we normally train in.

We are now training in Room 208 on the 2nd floor of the main building, with a reduced number of classes each week and reduced times.

Adult classes are as follows:

Monday.              General class                    5.30 – 6.45 pm

Tuesday               Beginners & General         5.30 – 6.45 pm

Thursday             General class                     5.30 – 6.45 pm

Sunday                General kata class             8 – 9 am

Junior classes are as follows:

Sunday               Junior Coloured belts          9 to 10 am

                          Junior White belts and Beginners      10 to 11 am

Due to the size of room 208 and the fact that junior white belts and beginners are now in the same class, we ask that the junior coloured belts only do one class on Sunday morning.

Keep an eye on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/seidokaratedunedin/

‘Dunedin’ black belts in Timaru – 18 June 2017

Congratulations to Senpai Peter and Senpai Matt on your recent nidan promotions! Thank you to everyone who travelled to support those grading throughout the weekend, and who attended Timaru dojo’s mid-winter beach training, it was a great weekend!

Seido Dunedin has a proud tradition of claiming all black belts who have gained a stripe while training in Dunedin, often capturing them in a ‘Dunedin’ photo at events. This post-grading photo includes Dunedin black belts who are currently training in Ashburton, Christchurch, Tauranga, Te Awamutu, and Perth, Australia. Once a Dunedin black belt, always a Dunedin black belt – Osu!

Catch up with our latest newsletter – Kiai Winter 2017

Senpai Peter & Senpai Matt grade to nidan – June 2017

Amy’s Shodan Promotion – 14 August 2016

Amy Pearce graded to shodan in the Dunedin dojo with a strong performance, her strength of character and superb fitness shone throughout her time out on the floor. See photos from her grading (and follow us) on the ‘Seido Karate Dunedin’ Facebook page.

Find out what Amy was thinking during her grading by reading Kiai September 2016,  our newsletter (paper copies exist in the dojo) or you can find it under the ‘Latest News’ tab on this website.


And from Jun Shihan Kelvin Lewis…

Osu! I would like to thank all those who came along and supported Senpai Amy during her shodan grading last weekend.

Especially those who travelled near or far, it is much appreciated.

And thanks also to Sei Shihan Mike from Timaru for coming down and taking the grading.


Jun Shihan Kelvin Lewis

Chris’ Shodan promotion – 8 August 2015

Chris Scally graded at Shibu in Christchurch on 8 August 2015. WOW! What an exceptional day that was. The two gradees, Chris and Tim Roosen (Christchurch), were on top of their game – both were super fit and totally comfortable with their syllabus. They also had an impressive knowledge of Shibu’s 50-year history! Their sparring was impressive and while there were the usual ups and down of an intensely physical grading both karateka finished strongly.

Chris and Tim face Kyoshi Tamara at the beginning of their promotion at Shibu, Christchurch.

Chris and Tim face Kyoshi Tamara at the beginning of their promotion at Shibu, Christchurch.

There was a great turnout in the dojo, including Tim’s family who had traveled from overseas to support him. Chris was his usual humble self – finishing his grading with a wonderful speech of appreciation to the members of both Christchurch and Dunedin Seido, as well as to his family, for support given during his training and his welcome home each semester break. Chris, while beginning and continuing his training in the Christchurch dojo, has trained for four years in the Dunedin dojo – while completing his study at Otago University.

Chris receiving his belt from Jun Shihan Kelvin Lewis

Senpai Chris receiving his belt from Jun Shihan Kelvin Lewis

See Senpai Chris’ thoughts on his promotion to shodan in the September 2015 Kiai – Seido Dunedin’s newsletter.

Time to think about camp!

Christchurch Camp Poster 2014

Christchurch Camp will be held on 5th, 6th and 7th December.
Registrations close on 21st November.
There is a new venue this year – Blue Skies in Kaiapoi:
  • more space
  • bigger indoor training areas
  • better sleeping arrangements – tents are no longer needed
Hanshi will be running a grading for kyu grades throughout the course of the camp.  Anyone wishing to grade will need to fill in an application for grading and include this and the grading fee with their camp forms. If you are thinking about grading at camp please talk to your class instructor first.


Camp Registration Form & Info

Pete’s Shodan promotion – 14 June 2014

Pete Mortimer graded to shodan in a solo grading taken by Sei Shihan Michael Higgs of Timaru. The promotion was held in the Dunedin dojo and was well attended by karateka from Christchurch, Timaru, Temuka, Wanaka and Dunedin.

A new Shodan and his belt

A new Shodan and his belt

Pete was strong throughout his grading providing the watching kyu grades with an excellent example of a well prepared, composed, knowledgable and extremely fit candidate. Congratulations to Pete on his promotion to Shodan; Seido Dunedin is proud to have him join our black belt ranks.

Seido karateka attending Pete's grading - Dunedin Dojo, 14 June 2014

Seido karateka attending Pete’s grading – Dunedin Dojo, 14 June 2014



Combined General and Junior grading – 15 April 2014

Jun Shihan Kelvin Wilson had the great idea to invite Juniors from his Sunday classes to grade alongside what was to have been a small general grading. The grading was held on a Tuesday night and had a great atmosphere with many parents in attendance encouraging their children in their endeavours.

Congratulations to all those promoted!

10 kyu
Joshua Newton-Kerr, Elisa Condliffe, Michael Kelly & Charlie Kelly.
9 Kyu
Melissa Dallas, Elisey Abdula, Oscar Knight & Naoki Kozakai.
8 kyu
Taylor Sizemore, Qwenton McKenzie, Taylor Hamilton, Jennifer Hall & James Muir.
5 kyu
Gray Gibson & Simon Aiken-Wheeler.

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